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Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)

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protected designation of origin

Extra virgin olive oil Thrapsano bear the European Union Certificate of Origin P.D.O. (Protected Designation of Origin).

Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), are geographical indication, or more precisely regime, within the Protected Geographical Status (PGS) framework defined in European Union law to protect the names of regional foods.

The law (enforced within the EU and being gradually expanded internationally via bilateral agreements of the EU with non-EU countries) ensures that only products genuinely originating in that region are allowed in commerce as such.

The legislation came into force in 1992. The purpose of the law is to protect the reputation of the regional foods and eliminate the unfair competition and misleading of consumers by non-genuine products, which may be of inferior quality or of different flavour .

These laws protect the names of wines, cheeses, hams, sausages, olives, beers, Balsamic vinegar and even regional breads, fruits, raw meats and vegetables.

Here is the Certificate in brief (source WIPO):


Geographical Indications (Olive Oil Thrapsano), Ministerial Decision, 23/08/1993, No. 379577

Date of Text (Enacted): August 23, 1993

Date of entry into force of original text: September 1, 1993

Type of Text: Main IP Laws (enacted by the Legislature)

Subject Matter: Geographical Indications

Available Texts:

English: Ministerial Decision No. 379577

French: Décision ministérielle n° 379577

Greek: 379577

Spanish: Decisión Ministerial N° 379577


Notification states:

"The Decision concerns the protection of designations of origin of Olive Oil "THRAPSANO HERAKLION CRETE"."

"La décision concerne la protection de l'A.O. de l'huile d'olive "THRAPSANO HERAKLION CRETE"."

"Concerniente a la protección de la D.O. del aceite de oliva "THRAPSANO HERAKLION CRETE"."