Olive trees - Olives

Growers in the area prune every four to five years to a low shape providing a balanced olive tree.

Suitable inspected products are used for soil fertilisation, including dung . 

Weeds are dealt with by mechanical cultivation and insects and diseases by sprinkling bait on the soil.

The olives are picked when pale yellow to violet in colour depending on degree of ripeness. They are taken immediately in sacks made of plant fibres to the cooperative's mill, where the common pressing takes place.

The extra virgin olive oil is extracted by cold pressure centrifigation and removed in closed circuit stainless tanks. It is disposed of within two months.

The excellence of the olives grown to produce Thrapsano extra virgin olive oil is an outcome of the harmony between soil and climate in the area. Both are deemed ideal for the purpose.

Growing olives and turning them into oil is one of the main production sectors of the area and a mainstay of the local economy. Their importance can be gauged by the planting of many new trees and the employment of young men in olive-growing.